Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (2023)

  1. First you need to reveal your bonus code and open the bookmaker's website.
  2. Click there"Enter"button or the"Record"button located in the upper right corner.
  3. Then the registration page appears. Enter the required details. Below the fields you will see an option to enter a"Offer Code". Here you can use your special Bet9ja bonus code which isYOU HAVE MIGO.
  4. When you are ready to create your account, make your first deposit and then you can activate your bonus.

Receive a bonus of ₦100,000

Welcome Offer - 100% deposit bonus up to ₦100,000 + 1 free league bet

If you've heard about Bet9ja, you've probably heard about the promotions they offer to new customers. For starters, there's Bet9ja's Welcome Offer, which offers a 100% deposit bonus that can win you up to ₦100,000.All you have to do is sign up, make a deposit, transfer your deposit and your to receive a deposit. But that's nothing. Now you can get 1 free Bet9ja league bet worth 50 NGN each. We have mentioned and established that they must be played in sports. We offer you a special Bet9ja bonus codeYOU HAVE MIGO. Of course, you need to be aware of some conditions that come with using the bonus:

Terms and Conditions:

  • This bonus is only available once per account/customer.
  • The minimum deposit to be able to use the bonus is €100.
  • The qualifying deposit must be a deposit and not an accumulated deposit.
  • Deposit must be wagered at odds of 3.0 or higher.
  • After settlement, the 100% match bonus will be credited to the bonus section of your account immediately.
  • You must wager the bonus amount 10 times at odds of 3.0 or more to withdraw the amount.
  • The bonus cannot be used in conjunction with any other bonus.
  • You must meet all requirements within 30 days or the bonus will expire.

Claim your welcome bonus

Titan Boats

This bonus game is only available in Bet9ja stores in Nigeria. To participate in the jackpot race you need to play in the Bet9ja virtual league. There are no special requirements, just play as usual and you could win the Red Titan Jackpot or become an instant millionaire by hitting the Gold Titan Jackpot.

Every week someone has the chance to become a millionaire with Bet9ja's Titan Jackpots.

Offer multiple boosts - up to 170%/Idle/

The Multiple Boosts offer is another offer that applies to new players on the platform, but it can also apply to existing players. It's a bonus that increases potential winnings on multiple bets with at least 5 selections. Therefore, any amount you win can actually be increased further, allowing you to earn more. The amount of bonus you can get depends on how many selections your multiple bet has. These are the conditions that apply:

Terms and Conditions:

  • The minimum number of selections in your multiple bet is 5.
  • The maximum win you can get is 170%.
  • You must bet on events with odds of 1.20 or more.
  • Invalid betting events will not count towards the Multiple Booster promotion.
  • Raise amount is counted in multiples of 5, with 38 or more selections max win percentage is 170% (e.g. 5 selections is 5%, 6 selections is 10%, 7 selections is 15%, etc.). .

Activate this bonus

Bonuses for existing customers

While these two bonus offers are the main draws of the Bet9ja bonus scene, there are also many other interesting bonuses on offer for existing players. In this way, current players continue to play at Bet9ja and are rewarded for their loyalty in the process. One of these bonuses is the Bet9ja Liga free bet.

Bet9ja League - Free bets

Bet9ja League Free Bets is a very generous promotion where the platform gives back free bets on popular games to customers who have stayed at Bet9ja. The free bet makes betting even more exciting as you have the chance to win (or lose) a bet without any risk.

To use your free bet you need to make your selection as usual, then a free bet button will appear in the reserve section of the selection page. Just click the free bet button and you can enjoy a great free bet.

(Video) This is How To Make Millions from Sports Trading

mobile offers

There is currently no mobile offering on the platform. However, you can enjoy all the promotions with the mobile version of the site as there is also a downloadable mobile application. In the future they could add a mobile offer, but there is no information on that at the moment. You can simply go to the promotions page from time to time to check if new bonuses are being offered to players. There could also be a new mobile phone bonus in the future.

payment options

One of the things that you really appreciate about Bet9ja is the payment methods that the platform offers. There are many payment methods available. So if one of them doesn't work, you can try the others as well. Below we present the tables of payment methods with their respective dates so that you know which one is most suitable for you:

  • Deposit Methods
  • methods of the sack
way to payminimum depositMaximum deposittime to deposit
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (3)Vista₦100₦10.000Immediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (4)MasterCard₦100₦10.000Immediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (5)Exchange₦100₦10.000Immediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (6)tipsIt dependsIt dependsImmediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (7)GTBanco₦100₦9.999.999Immediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (8)instant transfer₦100₦1.000.000Immediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (9)express card₦100It dependsImmediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (10)ATMIt dependsIt dependsImmediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (11)static IBTC₦100₦1.000.000Immediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (12)Banco Providus₦100It dependsImmediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (13)Cenit₦100₦3.000.000Immediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (14)AstroPago₦100₦1.000.000Immediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (15)unitary bank₦100₦20.000Immediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (16)pay₦100₦100.000Immediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (17)first money₦100₦1.000.000Immediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (18)Polaris-Bank₦100₦500.000Immediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (19)PalmPay₦100₦1.000.000Immediate
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (20)Bank Transfer---
way to payMinimum payoutMaximum payoutwithdrawal time
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (21)Vista
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (22)MasterCard
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (23)Exchange
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (24)tips
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (25)GTBanco
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (26)instant transfer
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (27)express card
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (28)ATM
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (29)static IBTC
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (30)Banco Providus
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (31)Cenit
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (32)AstroPago
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (33)unitary bank
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (34)pay
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (35)first money
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (36)Polaris-Bank
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (37)PalmPay
Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (38)Bank Transfer₦1.000₦9.999.999up to 24 hours

frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about the Bet9ja bonuses, please read the answers below.

What is the bet9ja bonus code?

BETENEMY is the latest bet9ja promo code to use.

How high is the bet9ja welcome bonus?

Sign up and get a bonus of ₦100,000.

What is the Bet9ja price?

This is a weekly event where you can earn some rewards based on your rank.

Are there any deposit method restrictions when it comes to using the bonus?

No, there are no restrictions on deposit methods. You can use any of the deposit methods to claim the sportsbook welcome bonus.

How often can I win Titan Jackpots?

There are no restrictions on how many times you can win with this offer.

Are there any bonuses or promotions for the casino section of the platform?

As of now, only the bookmaker has promotions and bonuses. The other parts of the platform, like the casino or the virtual games section, do not offer bonuses. There is a bonus round when you play the slot machines. However, it is not really a promotional bonus that is considered a sports betting bonus.

How do I credit all my bonuses to my account?

There is a bonus section on your dashboard that shows all pending and completed bonuses. If you have met the requirements for a specific bonus, you can claim your bonus in this section. Otherwise you will not be able to credit the bonus to your account. Attempting to do this could result in Bet9ja voiding your bonus entirely. So make sure you meet all the requirements before attempting to claim your bonus.

Are there country restrictions when it comes to using the bonus?

There are no country restrictions in the bonus terms and conditions. As long as your country supports the platform, you can take advantage of the bonuses on offer, unless specifically stated in the terms and conditions of each bonus.

About Bet9ja

Bet9ja Bonus Code – Up to ₦100,000 + 1 Free Bet (Feb 2023) (39)Bet9ja is an online sports betting platform founded in 2013. It belongs to the parent company KC Gaming Networks Limited, based in the state of Lagos. The platform itself is multi-licensed, allowing it to cover a huge market across the African continent. It holds a license from the Lagos State Lottery Board, a sports betting and gaming license from the State of Osun, and a license to operate in Nigeria.

Although the head office is in Africa, the technology on which the platform works is European, as is Bet9ja's technology center. This allows them to take full advantage of European sports betting technology for a more robust and secure platform. What makes them somewhat unique compared to many other online platforms is that they also offer physical centers in different African regions for those who prefer to place their bets over the counter rather than online betting.

Bet9ja is known for its selection in the sports market. It offers a wide range of markets covering leagues and games from all over the world, although most of its games are from Europe. They are also known for their very competitive odds as well as the bonuses on offer. They also have a good casino and live casino section. Additionally, they also offer virtual sports, although their sportsbook section remains the main attraction of the platform.

Contact person for questions

There are two main means of communication with Bet9ja customer support. This takes place via hotline and e-mail. The details are as follows:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 01-4405145Mich01-2796666
  • cat lives:NO

Please note that the hotline operates from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM depending on the Lagos time zone. In addition, the website provides the address of their headquarters in case you wish to pay a visit.

Bonus Ranking and Final Verdict

79%In total

Sports Registration Bonus78%

Promotions for existing players79%

Bonus Terms77%

free bets80%

When it comes to bonuses, Bet9ja offers generous bonuses and a good selection. For example, the welcome bonus offers a 100% match bonus, a type of promotion usually only offered by the most well-known bookmakers. In addition, the other offers are equally attractive. If you are a bettor looking for excitement, you will definitely like Bet9ja. The wagering requirements are not too difficult either. They may seem a bit complicated when you read them for the first time, but it's not that hard once you try.

While the sportsbook has an abundance of great bonuses, the same cannot be said for the casino. The casino has absolutely no promotions that will definitely scare off the target market that wants excitement in both the casino and sportsbook. It can also turn off online casino players. However, this could be because Bet9ja is targeting bettors more than casino players (probably because the platform's specialty is sports betting). Because of this, they don't promote the casino as much as the sports market. This is also our guess as to why they don't offer bonuses in their casino section and other sections.

Of course, this is a huge hit if you want to see the bonus platforming scene in its entirety. Also, the sports market bonuses are great and can really appeal to serious bettors.

Further information


in percent

Minimum deposit


minimum chance






Claim your bonus

18+ applicable terms and conditions ||| play responsibly


What is Bet9ja promotion code 2023? ›

Register now and receive a 100% welcome bonus with our bet9ja promo code. The Bet9ja promotion code in February 2023 is BETMAX.

What is the current Bet9ja bonus code? ›

Sign up with the Bet9ja promotion code SPORTMAX and get the Bet9ja welcome bonus of 100% Get also a 50% extra casino offer. You only need to deposit a minimum of N100. Sign up with the Bet9ja promotion code SPORTMAX, and get the Bet9ja welcome bonus of 100% + 50% extra casino bonus.

How can I get free bonus on Bet9ja? ›

Bet9ja welcome bonus gives you a 100% welcome bonus if your first deposit is not less than N100. Your work is to sign up, deposit and get your bonus up to 100,000 Naira. Wager the bonus amount by betting on markets with at least 3.0 odds. If you win, the amount moves to the main account.

How can I activate Bet9ja bonus code? ›

Activate your Bet9Ja bonus by making your first deposit after registering with the bonus code. The full worth of the deposit must be staked on bets with minimum odds of 3,00. The bonus will be awarded once these bets are settled.

What is promotion code? ›

Promotional codes are alphanumeric strings that online stores offer to encourage purchases on their website and are typically associated with an overarching promotional marketing strategy. The discount associated with a promo code can apply to individual products or an entire order.

What is example of promo code? ›

a word or a set of letters and numbers that you can use to get a discount (= a reduction in the usual price) when you buy something, given as a way of encouraging you to buy: Use the promo code "festival" to get a 15% discount on your tickets. Enter the promo code SMC09 on the "finish and pay" screen.

How can I use Bet9ja 500 bonus? ›

Step 1: Click on 'My Account', then on 'Bonus'. Step 2: Meet the rollover and wagering requirements found in the bonus T&Cs. Step 3: Once the progress bar reaches 100% you will have the option to click REDEEM BONUS to convert your bonus funds to cash.

How can I get Bet9ja jackpot? ›

To take part and have a chance to win the jackpot or any of the weekly prizes, you must register your details at, login and submit your entry before the Competition closes (Start of the first game) each round. In the event of a tie the prize will be split equally amongst the winners.

Can I use bonus to win Bet9ja? ›

You must wager it at least ten times on events with odds greater than 3.0 to make it withdrawable. As a result, to withdraw your bonus if you received a ₦1,000 prize, you will need to wager ₦10,000 at odds of 3.0 or higher. Then, “Use bonus” before placing your bets to use your 100% bonus.

How often do Bet9ja give bonus? ›

Bonus must be staked and settled three (3) times at odds of 3.0 or above within seven days of the date of crediting. Customers have 7 days from the date the bonus is added to their account to fulfill any wagering requirements before the bonus expires and the remaining bonus balance is forfeited.

How can I get free 10CRIC bonus? ›

To benefit from the bonus offered at 10CRIC, you must register on the site and make your first deposit into your sportsbook account to place your first bet. At the time of registration, you must enter the 10CRIC bonus code CRICVIP. Once you have done so, 10CRIC will automatically take your bonus amount into account.

How do I use my free bet bonus? ›

To use your free bets, add your Sportsbook selections to your betslip that meet the terms and conditions of the offer. You'll then be able to select to use the free bets through using the 'Use available bonus' toggle at the bottom of the betslip.

How to get $100 bonus on 1xBet? ›

How to Get the 1xBet Bonus
  1. Create a 1xbet account.
  2. Login.
  3. Select one of the deposit methods.
  4. Make an initial deposit of at least $10.
  5. Enter the code supplied when asked to do so. The betting site will update your balance with the credited to your account bonus funds so that you can complete the wagering requirements.
Feb 21, 2023

Who has won the highest money in bet9ja? ›

Saheed Oniloyi and Olashile Ali are lucky bet9ja winners who won a combined 8 million Naira on bet9ja.

How do I get an offer code? ›

20 Websites to Find US Promo Codes and Discounts
  1. RetailMeNot. One of the most well-known coupon sites is RetailMeNot. ...
  2. Coupon Cabin. Similar to RetailMeNot, Coupon Cabin also offers an app and Chrome extension to alert users of deals. ...
  3. ...
  4. Groupon. ...
  5. Slickdeals. ...
  6. Offers. ...
  7. Dealcatcher. ...
  8. Coupon Chief.

What is promo code in Nigeria? ›

Also known as promotional codes, coupons or vouchers, discount codes are alphanumeric vouchers that, like other tools in electronic format, have become part of the daily lives of Internet users. Discount codes are a true savings method equal to paper coupons.

How do I use a promo code on free now? ›

How to add a Promo Code:
  1. Open the FREE NOW App.
  2. Tap the Profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the map.
  3. Tap Add Promo Code.
  4. Enter your Promo Code, then tap Save.

What is coupon code number? ›

A coupon (also promo code or voucher) is a single code that represents a discount. In the online shopping context, a coupon code is a string of computer-generated letters and numbers that a customer can enter at the checkout to receive a discount or another effect (e.g., free shipping or a bonus item).

Are promo codes real? ›

Second, some discount codes can be fake, which might cause you to spend more money than you intended. Finally, some coupon codes may not be valid online and only work in certain stores or at specific times. So, it is crucial to be cautious when using them and to check the validity of the code before using it.

How long is a promo code? ›

A promo code is usually a four or more digit code that shoppers can use at checkout to receive a discount on items in their cart. Ecommerce and DTC brands that use promo codes use them to increase sales and better understand where their customers come from.

How can I use 10CRIC bonus? ›

10CRIC will double your deposit through Astropay up to ₹2,000 you can use on sports and casino bets. ₹1,000 Weekly Sports Bonus — 10CRIC has prepared a special weekly deposit bonus for all players. With a minimum deposit of ₹3,000 and a bonus code 1KSPORT, players can claim ₹1,000 in bonus funds once a week.

Can you withdraw 1000 from Bet9ja? ›

You can withdraw a minimum of N1,000 and a maximum of N9,999,999 per day. All transactions happen within 24 bank hours which roughly translates into 2 working days.

How do you bet a 22 bonus? ›

The 22bet welcome bonus has several wagering requirements. Your activated bonus amount must be wagered ten times with minimum odds of 1.65 before being transferred to your account for withdrawal. You must claim the bonus in 30 days, after which it expires.

How fast is bet9ja payout? ›

Your bet9ja withdrawal is completed within 24 working hours- that is the bet9ja withdrawal time. So if you make a withdrawal request on Friday, it will come in on Monday after the weekend.

How do bet9ja give bonus? ›

Bet9ja offers new customers a lucrative welcome bonus. They have the biggest welcome bonus in Nigeria where they provide 100% welcome bonus. You need to make a first deposit of ₦100, and you will get a bonus equal to your first deposit. The maximum amount of bonus you can get is ₦100,000.

Does bet9ja cash out? ›

Simply login to your account and select “My Bets”. Those with the “Cash Out icon can be cashed out immediately. NOTE: bets placed with Bonus Funds cannot be cashed out.

Can I cash out bonus bets? ›

You'll be able to withdraw your winnings only after you have met the bonus wagering requirement. Depending on the bonus, your deposit amount, bonus amount or winnings (if any) can be restricted to a specific product, sport, sports league, game or group of games.

Does Bet 365 give bonus? ›

Up to 70% bonus for accumulators on selected leagues at bet365. Applies to pre-match accumulators of 3+ selections on the standard Full Time Result, Both Teams to Score or Result/Both Teams to Score markets only. Bonus percentage is dependent on the number of selections.

How do I claim my 888 free bet? ›

Log into your 888sport account. Select a bet and click the 'Bonus offers' tab. You should then reveal your Free Bet token. To activate, Click the 'Free Bet' token and click 'Place Bet'.

What is bet winner promo code? ›

Betwinner offers everyone one of the most exhilarating online betting platforms for pre-match and live betting. This article highlights where to get the Betwinner promo code and the bonuses that one can get by becoming a customer of the bookmaker.

Which gambling apps give you free money? ›

Top Betting Sites
  • 1draftkings. Bet $5, Get $150 on ANY Sport.
  • 2fanduel. $1000 No Sweat First Bet on ANY Sport.
  • 3caesars sportsbook. Wager up to $1,250 on Any Sport.
  • $1000 First Bet Bonus on Any Sport.
  • 5bet365. Bet $1, Get $200 on any event.
  • Claim 5 x $50 Second-Chance Bets.
  • 7betrivers. Second Chance Bet up to $500.

Which bet gives you bonus without deposit? ›

888sport Sportsbook

They offer their new clients a no deposit bonus offer,of up to E30 worth of free bet when they place bets of E10 or more, which is redeemable within 7 days, which after becomes invalid.

How do I claim my 25 free bet on Betway? ›

Customer must place bets of R50 at odds of 1.5 odds or higher each. The Free Bet will only be paid once the customer has fulfilled the monthly bet requirements. The awarding of Free Bets is done entirely at the discretion of Betway. Standard terms and conditions apply.

How do you use 99 bonus bet? ›

The $900 Casino Welcome Bonus is available to new BET99 customers within 60 days of registration. To be eligible you must enter the bonus code CASINO900 when depositing. The bonus amount must be wagered 35 times before it can be turned in to real money.

What is 1xBet promo code 2023? ›

1xBet Free Bonus Code & Promo Code 2023

1xBet WELCOME BONUS copy and enter the 1xBet promo code: Bonus1x200 upon registration. Read our 1XBET free promo code: Bonus1x200 to get welcome bonus for players. The promotional code is offered 2023 by the betting opportunity to play with other bets.

What is 1xBet bonus code? ›

1xBet promo code 2023: Enter BETMAX - $130 welcome offer. footballwhispers. footballwhispers. Football betting tips today. Football betting tips tomorrow.

How does 1xBet 300% bonus work? ›

A three hundred percent bonus is what you will get for your first deposit at 1xBet! You become eligible for the 300% bonus with a minimum deposit of 400 NGN and the maximum value of the amount received from this reward is 145600 NGN.

Who won 36 million in Bet9ja? ›

Popular Nigerian punter Ekiti Pikin, also known as the Bookies nightmare, dropped a huge win for himself and his followers on Twitter in the early hours of Wednesday with the punter winning a whopping amount of 36 million Naira on 1xbet.

Who is the real owner of Bet9ja? ›

Bet9ja was co-founded by Ayo Ojuroye and Kunle Soname who are its CEO and chairman respectively.

How much is Bet9ja salary? ›

The estimated total pay for a Sales Associate/Cashier at Bet9ja is NGN 35,000 per month.

Why can't I use my bet9ja bonus? ›

Bonus can be used only on/for pre-match and live-betting, Zoom and Simulated Reality Leagues. Void bets and Cashed out bets do not count toward the wagering requirement. If a void bet or bets that form part of a multiple bring the cumulative odds below 3.0, that bet will not count towards the wagering requirement.

How do you get 25 bonus on Betway? ›

FICA to get your R25 Free Bet

One of two things can happen once you join up. In either case, Betway would have validated your identification using their FICA verification service, or they would have asked for a copy of your ID documents.

How can I get 10CRIC bonus? ›

To benefit from the bonus offered at 10CRIC, you must register on the site and make your first deposit into your sportsbook account to place your first bet. At the time of registration, you must enter the 10CRIC bonus code CRICVIP. Once you have done so, 10CRIC will automatically take your bonus amount into account.

How do you get 100 bonus on Betway? ›

Thats why, on your first deposit at Betway, we'll give you a 100% up to NGN 100, 000 awarded as a Free Bet. To unlock your bonus, simply make your first deposit and place sport bets equal to 10x your deposit amount on odds of 3 or higher.

Can I withdraw 1 000 from my Bet9ja account? ›

Bet9ja Withdrawal Options and Transaction Times

You can also use bank apps to move the funds to and from the Bet9ja account. You can withdraw a minimum of N1,000 and a maximum of N9,999,999 per day. All transactions happen within 24 bank hours which roughly translates into 2 working days.

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