How much is the Betta fish (with 16 specimens)? -Master Aquarius (2023)

In this guide we will cover most of the initial and ongoing costs of owning a Betta fish. Many of these awards you should know about, but some would-be betta parents miss out on some of these awards.

It's very important to research costs before getting a pet to be sure you can afford it, but also every week. Betta fish have a lifespan of about two years, and that means you'll have to make a financial commitment of about two years to own one.

How much does it cost to have a betta fish?

We estimate that owning a Betta will initially cost between $205 and $345 and annual costs thereafter range from $80 to $110. These numbers are rough estimates and the specific amount you charge may depend on a few things .

Types of Betta Fishaverage cost
Female Veiltail Bettas$ 2-3
Betta Veiltail Macho$ 2,50- $ 5
Beta Crowntail Female$ 3- $ 5,50
Beta Crowntail Macho$ 3,50-4,50
beta cauda delta painting$ 6,50- $ 8
Macho Doubletail (Crescent) Betta$ 6,50- $ 16
Female Half Moon BettaUS$ 10,50 a US$ 13
macho betta reiUS$ 10,50 a US$ 13
Female Elephant Ear BettaUS$ 10,50 a US$ 13
dragon scale bettaUS$ 10,50 a US$ 13
betta mariposa$ 12-15
Femalebetta koi$ 12-15
betta paradise$ 15-20
Mann Koi Betta$ 16-20
betta bubble bee$ 16-20
Elefantenohr Betta$ 24,50-30

When buying a pet, there are many things to consider; needs, desires, survivability, care, etc. of the pet Although some species of fish are much more expensive than others due to the difficulty of raising these species of fish.

Unlike the dog market, gender doesn't make much of a difference in how much you pay for your betta fish. As you continue reading, I will open your eyes.

Like most animals, bettas cost more depending on their breed, color, rarity and health. The following list is compiled in order of cost.

*Note: This list was compiled for a fee at the most popular pet stores in the US. The resulting prices may not be the prices you will pay, especially if you are from another country and also all prices are in US Dollars.

Veitail Female Bettas (usually white, blue, red and green)

Cost: $2-3

Typically rounder and longer than male bettas, veils have short but powerful fins. All these bettas like to live in brotherhood. They grow up to 1.5"-2".

Male Veiltail Betta (usually white, blue, red and green)

Custo: US$ 2,50 a US$ 5

These are all the most commonly purchased betta fish; In fact, most of our Bettas are Red Male Veiltail Bettas. These Bettas have long, flowing tails and should never be housed with other Betta breeds. They grow from 1.75"-2.25"

Female Crowntail Betta (usually green, red and blue)

Custo: US$ 3 a US$ 5,50

Like the veil, female crowns have shorter fins. Instead of being flowing, its fins also have small fringes. They grow to the same size as veils (1.5"-2")

Male Crowntail Betta (usually rainbow, blue, red and green)

Cost: $3.50-4.50

These fish have rather long hooks. They are also frayed like the females and will part unless the fish is sick. They achieve the same dimensions due to their veil counterpart (at 1.75"-2.25").

(Video) 10 Signs of Happy Betta fish

Fun Fact: Also called "Fancy Betta Fish".

Male Deltatail Betta (usually blue)

Custo: US$ 6,50 a US$ 8

These male bettas often look like female bettas. They have long, wide sideburns and grow from 1.75″ to 2.25″.

Male Doubletail (Crescent) Betta (usually blue)

Custo: US$ 6,50 a US$ 16

All these bettas come in two varieties. The double tails, which are not crescents, have fins that clearly show two caudal fins. The double-tailed crescent has large fins that cover its entire body. Like most male Betta fish, these amazing fish grow from 1.75″ to 2.25″.

Female Half Moon Betta

Custo: US$ 10,50 a US$ 13

These fish are very similar to other female Betta fish and have shorter fins compared to the male halves. They have caudal fins and their underside covers most of their body, but their fins are much more compact compared to their counterparts.

macho betta rei

Custo: US$ 10,50 a US$ 13

These bettas require more space than regular bettas. They grow from 2.5″ to 3.5″ and have shorter fins compared to many male bettas.

Female Elephant Ear Betta

Custo: US$ 10,50 a US$ 13

All these Bettas have beautiful fins that point towards their tails. They are on the small side at around 1.5"-2" and come in more marble colors.

dragon scale betta

Custo: US$ 10,50 a US$ 13

These are very beautiful betta fish with large fins that extend wide and beautiful. They are available in white. Like other male Bettas, they have sides of around 1.75"-2.25".

betta mariposa

Cost: $12-15

These magnificent bettas often arrive with brightly colored bodies with white fins. They range in size from around 1.75″-2.25″, as do most male Bettas.


Hembra Koi Betta

Cost: $12-15

These magnificent bettas are usually red or copper in color. They are also usually made from marble. They have a dimension of about 1.5"-2".

betta paradise

Cost: $15-20

These beautiful bettas are usually yellow, blue or white. There's a reason they're called Paradise Bettas! Like the other breeds, these beauties grow to be around 1.75"-2.25"

Mann Koi Betta

Cost: $16-20

The counterpart to the aforementioned female Koi Bettas, these aluminum colored beauties grow to 1.75"-2.25". They are usually made of marble and come in different shades, such as white and blue.

betta bubble bee

Cost: $16-20

Probably one of my favorite Bettas, these beautiful fish have fins that extend all over their bodies. Their bodies are usually darker in color (black or brown), while their flippers are usually bright yellow. Usually blue and red.

They have sharper looking fins that also run the length of their bodies, growing from 1.75″ to 2.25″. These bettas have fins. Like the Elephant Tail Bettas, there are quite a few of this breed. Their fins are very long and buoyant, and when they swim they look very graceful. Some even resemble a peacock!

Elefantenohr Betta

Cost: $24.50-30

The most expensive betta fish sold in stores are often these beauties. They come in a wide range of colors. These beauties grow from 1.75″ to 2.25″ and have thinner dorsal fins although the rest of the fins cover their bodies.

Riding a Betta tank

A betta fish has more requirements than just being tossed in a small bowl with some rocks and food. They have needs that are rarely met by Betta owners.

However, they must be respected if you want your betta fish to survive a full life. Fortunately, these items last a lifetime and many of these necessary items only need to be purchased once.


Your betta tank will probably be the most expensive thing you will ever buy. The minimum tank size you can get for your betta fish is 5 gallons.

(Video) Don't Buy A Betta Fish Without Watching This First. 10 Things You Should Know About Betta Fish.

Anything else can have adverse consequences as they love to have plenty of room to swim and hide. It's well worth the cost, although a quality tank like this will set you back just under $100.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some tanks come with built-in filters and lights. Both of these things are very important for betta fish, so it is usually cheaper to buy an aquarium with these characteristics. This reduces your costs tremendously.


Purchasing a filter is very important if you have purchased a medium to large sized aquarium for your betta fish. In their natural habitat, Betta fish have adapted to slow-moving streams, so make sure you buy an item to replicate this.

Betta fish veterans recommend purchasing a cartridge filter. Canister filters are typically cleaner and quieter compared to other filters available.


Betta fish need to live at a certain temperature to stay healthy. The average water temperature in the tank with bettas should be between 78 and 80°F and should not drop below 24°F.

To ensure your betta never experiences a suboptimal temperature, you should place a thermometer outside the tank and then monitor it.

Of course, a thermometer is useless if you don't pay attention to it. You shouldn't worry too much if you have a high-quality heater.

To choose

Gravel plays a role in the life cycle of a betta tank and also helps maintain live plants, artificial plants and toy fish. Some options are made from gravel, stone, sand or glass marbles.

Recently, many Betta owners have filled the bottom of the aquarium with glass beads due to its aesthetic appeal.


Installing a reliable and effective heater for your Betta tank is a great way to ensure your tank water never goes below 74°F.

There are some tank heaters that are cheap, effective and even have a temperature gauge. You should not resort to cheap heaters, because a heater that fails during heating is like a death sentence for your fish.


Most aquariums these days have built-in lighting. You will need to purchase lighting if the tank you purchased does not come with lighting. Blue or white LED lighting is usually sufficient to provide the necessary light for a Betta aquarium.

Having an aquarium light will provide the routine your betta needs. As the lights dim at night, it is much better to buy a light with a timer.


They provide bettas with a comfortable place to play and hide, which can have some health benefits. plants like thisgo through the motionsadd a unique touch and be sure.

You can still use plastic plants if live plants look intimidating. Some plants make great hiding places and are extremely realistic. Make sure the plastic plants you buy are not sharp or bent, as they can be broken by a betta's tail.

(Video) Top 10 Tank Mates For Bettas

Live plants need to live a long time with proper care, but don't be surprised if you rarely need to replace them. Some plants are neededroot substrateand get nutrients. Quality substrate lasts up to a year and a half. So it shouldn't be too complicated.

betta toy

Toys are not a necessary part of the betta tank, although they will provide entertainment for your betta and lead to a happier, fitter lifestyle. When deciding which toys to add to your betta's tank, make sure there are no sharp corners where they can break their fins.

Other costs associated with owning a betta fish


The light and betta filter are normally on 24 hours a day. This increases your electricity bill. Before becoming a Betta parent, make sure you are prepared for a small increase in your utility bills.


Although betta fish are small, they can still get sick and need medication like humans do. There are many different types of medications to treat problems, which means you should do your research before purchasing any medication.

Fortunately, there are a variety of medications that cost next to nothing, including medications for fungal infections, parasitic fish diseases, and bacterial infections.


You should always offer your betta fish a variety of foods that contain both live and dry foods. So you can be sure that it won't cost you enough to have a dog, betta fish are not big eaters.

In this way, whenever possible, it is necessary to provide food that is life. Love foods are often expensive compared to dry food packaging.

water conditioner

The fish simply cannot be placed in all waters and will adapt immediately. The truth is that fish are quite picky when it comes to water and can develop health problems if the water is not treated properly.

An excellent water conditioner does two important things for a fish and its water. First, it removes chloramine, chlorine, and chemicals from the water that can be harmful to fish. It also protects the fish by using an aloe vera mixture to replace the mucous membrane.

Related questions

Is Betta fish cheap?

In general, bettas make affordable pets. They are also more expensive to buy than most people think, but that's because they don't know what a betta fish needs. Excellent Betta fish owners go out of their way to meet their fish's needs and make their environment as "organic" as possible.

What kind of fish can be put with Betta?

This depends on the size of your tank. Betta needs at least 5 gallons of space. Typically, every inch of an adult fish must be converted to a gallon of water. Stay away from fish that are bigger than your betta, stay away from fish that are more colorful than your betta, and also stay away from fish that are known to bite.


How much does a betta fish cost? ›

However, a cheap price tag does not mean a healthy fish. Therefore, only purchase a betta from a reputable pet store. Find a breeder who keeps fish in good water conditions, although they may be relatively expensive.
Bumblebee Betta.
Types of BettaPrice
King Betta$5 – $20
Super Delta Betta$3 – $15
3 more rows

Is 2.5 gallons enough for a betta? ›

In a tank smaller than 5 gallons, your betta won't live out his full life span. In an aquarium, a betta should live for 3 to 5 years. In a cramped 2.5-gallon tank, your betta won't live as long. Yes, you read that right – a tank that is too small can lead to an early death.

What is the rarest betta fish? ›

The rarest type of Betta is the fantail variety. This fish has two caudal fins that are side by side but fused at a small point at the top, making it look similar to a fantail goldfish. This variety is so rare that you can't really find any information on them or anywhere to buy them.

What is the price of full moon betta fish? ›

BETTAS Red Full Moon Betta Fish, 3 Years, Size: 2 Inches at Rs 150/piece in Chennai.

How old are bettas at Petco? ›

Because a Betta purchased at a pet shop is often one year old already. Males, in particular, are allowed to fully mature, so their fins and colors are well developed. Females may be sold at a bit younger age, but they will generally be at least six months old when offered for sale.

Can I keep 2 betta fish? ›

Only one male can be kept in an aquarium, as males will fight with one another (hence their common name, Siamese fighting fish). In the wild, one would retreat. But that isn't possible in an aquarium; fighting continues, to the death of one or both. Females are only a bit more tolerant of each other.

Is 1 gallon enough for a betta? ›

A 1-gallon tank is big enough to house a Betta. Since Bettas thrive in smaller habitats, many enthusiasts who have many Bettas prefer to maintain them in smaller tanks.

Is a 10 gallon tank too big for a betta? ›

No, absolutely not. In the wild, betta live in streams and ponds. They are able to find their food in any size tank. The larger your tank is, the better for your fish, because it will be more like their actual habitat.

What is the best size tank for 1 betta fish? ›

Bettas need an aquarium with at least 3 gallons (11 liters), a filter and a heater. Set up their new home at least one day before they arrive. The aquarium should be near a power source, in a low-traffic area, away from direct sunlight and drafts. Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon.

How rare is a purple betta? ›

This coloring is incredibly rare. Breeding purple bettas is very challenging, too—even experienced breeders may never yield a perfect purple betta. Their unique appearance and rarity have made the purple betta fish a hot commodity.

What are king bettas? ›

The Male Halfmoon King Betta is a unique type of Betta. As its name says, this Betta has a tail shaped like a half moon. A King Betta also has a larger body and shorter fins than other types of Bettas. When he perceives a threat, he will flare his fins to look more imposing.

Are pink bettas rare? ›

Pink-colored bettas. You can find pink bettas in many forms such as plakat, halfmoon, marble, and crowntail, but these creatures are rare. However, although you'll rarely find a genetically pink betta in your local fish store, you may come across some fish that appear to be pink.

Which betta fish is best? ›

One of the most popular betta fish breeds, veiltail bettas are known for their long, spectacular fins and bright colors. New hobbyists usually start with veiltails due to their easygoing nature.

What is a happy betta fish? ›

A happy betta will swim around their tank daily. Sometimes they will move almost lazily about, and other times they'll flit from side to side quickly. If the betta appears to have no trouble swimming and isn't leaning to the side or struggling, your betta is healthy and happy.

Can bettas live 7 years? ›

The average betta fish live from two to five years, although bettas can live for up to 10 years if cared for properly. There are some factors, however, that can affect your betta's lifespan.

How old is the longest living betta? ›

The longest-living betta fish in the world was about 10 years. The oldest betta fish in the world was 10 years old. Several people claim to have had betta fish live for 6 years or longer. Unfortunately, nobody has any reasonable proof to provide for their betta's age.

Can 1 male and 2 female betta fish live together? ›

Male and female Betta fish can't live together because they will fight to the death. Male Betta fish are aggressive and territorial towards other fish. They will attack any fish that comes near their territory, including female Betta fish.

Can I put 2 female bettas together? ›

Unlike male betta fish, female betta fish can live together comfortably in the same tank. When they live together, the cohort is called a 'sorority'. Generally, a good number to keep together is 4-6 female betta fish.

Do betta fish sleep? ›

Similar to humans, betta fish sleep at night. "They're also known for taking recurrent short naps during the day," Dr. Ochoa told POPSUGAR.

Is a 2 gallon tank OK for a betta? ›

Though they can survive in such a small cup to some extent, betta fish should be kept in a minimum 2 gallon tank. The temperature should be kept at 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Colder water can kill the betta, as the betta's immune system will slow and make them susceptible to disease.

How long can betta live in a bowl? ›

Betta fish on average live to be 2-4 years old. The length of your betta fish's life is directly related to the environment you keep them in. By maintaining a clean tank and watching their diet, you can help them live a longer life. The role of tank quality.

How many fish can live in 1 gallon tank? ›

One of the most important factors that comes into keeping fish in tanks or ponds is how many fish you can get away with keeping in one system. The tried and true rule of how many fish per gallon is: 1″ of fish per gallon of water.

How many bettas can be in a 20 gallon tank? ›

As a rule of thumb, 4-6 female bettas would be a good fit for a 20-gallon tank. However, this number may vary depending on the bettas' size and the tank's conditions. I cannot stress enough how important it is to avoid overcrowding. Overcrowding can lead to stress, sickness, and poor water quality for your bettas.

Do betta fish get lonely? ›

Do They Get Lonely? Betta fish are naturally territorial and should not be housed with any other betta fish because they will fight and injure each other, often resulting in death. They are unlikely to get lonely in their tank; however, if they are in a small tank, they may get bored.

How often do you feed a betta fish? ›

It is recommended to feed your betta fish two to four pellets, once or twice per day. Pellets expand when placed in water and are very filling for your betta fish. Freeze-dried or fresh food can be substituted for their pellet feeding 1 to 2 days per week.

How deep is too deep for a betta? ›

Matt Leighton, a longtime betta fish owner and editor of VivoFish, says bettas should be kept in tanks no deeper than 12 inches (30 centimeters). "If it's too deep, the betta may not be able to get up to the surface as easily," he says in an email interview, noting their fins aren't that powerful.

What fish can go with a betta? ›

5 Best Tank Mates for Betta Fish
  • Kuhli Loaches. These eel-like oddball fish grow to about 3.5 inches long and are great scavengers for picking up any excess food your betta drops. ...
  • Ember Tetras. ...
  • Malaysian Trumpet Snails. ...
  • Harlequin Rasboras. ...
  • Cory Catfish.

How fast do betta fish grow? ›

Baby bettas can reach their full growth after 6 or 7 months after birth.

What is super red betta? ›

Probably the single most popular fish kept around the world, the Betta or Siamese Fighting fish has been popular in its native Thailand for centuries, and has been bred into dozens of color forms and strains. The Halfmoon Super Red Betta is named for its intense red coloration and full tail fins.

What is a red dragon betta? ›

The plakat red snow dragon betta is one of the color and fin types that has been selectively bred for over a number of generations. Plakat refers to the tail type, in this case it means a short tail, which is about the size that a wild betta would have.

How do I know if my betta is a hellboy? ›

Hellboy bettas are a very rich red coloration typically with white or black marbling.

What is a Tiger betta? ›

This large, mouthbrooding, peach-colored, tiger-striped betta may well be the ideal species for the dedicated wild betta fan looking for something a little out of the ordinary. One of the most stunning, impressive, and interesting members of the “wild bettas” group is the tiger betta Betta patoti.

How big is giant betta? ›

Appearance and Size

The giant bettas are the most appealing species among the bettas. How big do giant bettas get? The giant betta male is larger and can grow to a length of 3.5 – 4 inches, while the female giant betta is a little smaller. However, the giant betta size can reach 5 – 7 inches long.

How big is the biggest betta fish? ›

While regular betta fish top out at three inches, giant betta fish can grow up to seven inches. Not only are they a separate species; they've actually been selectively bred to be bigger. Giant bettas not only need more food than other bettas, they also need a larger aquarium.

What are butterfly bettas? ›

The beautiful Halfmoon Butterfly Betta is a premium variety of Betta splendens that has been selectively bred for its lovely "Butterfly" color pattern and highly ornate caudal (tail) fin that forms a distinct semicircle or "Half Moon" shape with a spread of 180 degrees.

What do Girl bettas look like? ›

When bettas flare, the differences between the sexes become more apparent. Males display a large beard, while females have a much smaller, less pronounced beard. Females may also assume a head-down posture when flaring, a posture that males do not exhibit.

Do bettas like the dark? ›

Bettas, like most other animals, need light and darkness to stay physically and mentally well. Fish don't necessarily 'sleep'. They rest and conserve their energy when the night hits, but they still prefer it to be dark.

What is the prettiest fish? ›

Nine of the World's Most Gorgeous Fish
  • Clownfish. Clownfish in the Andaman Coral Reef. ...
  • Mandarinfish. This stunning fish has so many tiny, beautiful details that you can't take it all in when you first look at it. ...
  • Clown Triggerfish. Clown Triggerfish. ...
  • Betta Fish. ...
  • Lionfish. ...
  • Butterflyfish. ...
  • Angelfish. ...
  • Seahorse.
Mar 30, 2022

Is there a rainbow betta fish? ›

Rainbow betta fish are a beautiful and unique variety of betta fish known for their stunning coloration and attractive patterns.

Can female betta fish be pretty? ›

Some females are sold as assorted fish in groups, but many aquarium owners still prefer to keep their female bettas in separate tanks due to the aggressive nature of this species when living in the same tank together. Nevertheless, female betta fish are lovely, colorful, and anything but boring!

What is the best betta color? ›

Cool color lights like purple, blue, red, and green are the best choices for betta fish. They tend to give the fish the sensation of their natural habitat as well as keep them calm and relaxed.

How do betta fish get sick? ›

Betta fish are also prone to most freshwater parasites. Since they are kept individually, they usually are not the parasite provider, but can easily fall ill if it enters their system on another fish or infected plant. Learn more about how to properly quarantine your fish and your aquatic plants.

What calms betta fish? ›

Use tannins.

You can use either aquarium safe woods or Indian almond leaves in your tank, as they both naturally release tannins. This darkening of the water will mimic your betta's natural environment, which will make him feel less exposed and less stressed.

Do betta fish feel love? ›

Betta fish may not "love" their owners in the way that a dog or cat would show affection, but they will show a clear interest and affiliation with their owners. Bettas are also known to have good memories and can remember people despite not seeing them for several weeks or more.

Is 1 gallon enough for a betta fish? ›

A 1-gallon tank is big enough to house a Betta. Since Bettas thrive in smaller habitats, many enthusiasts who have many Bettas prefer to maintain them in smaller tanks.

How big of a tank do you need for 1 betta fish? ›

Bettas need an aquarium with at least 3 gallons (11 liters), a filter and a heater. Set up their new home at least one day before they arrive. The aquarium should be near a power source, in a low-traffic area, away from direct sunlight and drafts. Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon.

How long do betta fish live? ›

How long do pet betta fish live for? ›

Betta fish lifespan.

Betta fish on average live to be 2-4 years old. The length of your betta fish's life is directly related to the environment you keep them in. By maintaining a clean tank and watching their diet, you can help them live a longer life.

Is 1 2 gallon tank OK for betta? ›

Though they can survive in such a small cup to some extent, betta fish should be kept in a minimum 2 gallon tank. The temperature should be kept at 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Colder water can kill the betta, as the betta's immune system will slow and make them susceptible to disease.

Can a tank be too big for a betta? ›

No it can't be too big, they eat from the top, if you get another, make sure he see's you put the food in and back away at first until he gets to know you. Betta's have to have clean water and you have to use something that removes the chlorine and Chloramine in the water before putting them in the tank.

Can 1 betta live in a 10 gallon tank? ›

A single male Betta will be happy to live in a 10 gallon tank by themselves. A sorority of up to 5 females may also be comfortable with sharing a 10 gallon tank as long as there are plenty of places for the females to hide, and adequate filtration.

Do bettas sleep all day? ›

"They're also known for taking recurrent short naps during the day," Dr. Ochoa told POPSUGAR. If you catch your fish not moving, don't go into a panic: "If your betta sleeps around 12 to 14 hours each day, including their daily naps, it's normal and enough for them to stay healthy," said Dr. Sievert.

What is the oldest betta fish ever? ›

The longest-living betta fish in the world was about 10 years. The oldest betta fish in the world was 10 years old. Several people claim to have had betta fish live for 6 years or longer. Unfortunately, nobody has any reasonable proof to provide for their betta's age.

Why is my betta fish turning white? ›

Betta fish can turn white and lose color for a wide range of reasons, but the most common are illness/disease, stress, and poor water quality. As long as you put in measures to fix these issues, your betta should regain their color in no time.

Do betta fish grow after you buy them? ›

Yes, the betta fish or Siamese fighting fish is a freshwater tropical fish that does grow as it becomes older. Betta fish are considered fully developed once they reach approximately 7 months old but can grow larger depending on their environment and care.


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