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The easiest way to cancel your Bet Plus account is to login to your account and go to the My Account page. From there you will see the option to cancel your account. If you have any questions about how to cancel your Bet Plus account, please contact customer service for assistance.

How to Cancel Subscriptions on Amazon Firestick (Hulu, Starz, Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO)

  • Go to the Bet Plus website and log in to your account
  • Click on the "My Account" tab at the top of the page.
  • Click the Billing Information link in the left sidebar.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Unsubscribe" button.
  • Confirm that you wish to cancel your subscription by clicking the "Confirm Cancellation" button

How to cancel Bet Plus subscription on iPhone

If you're like many people, you love watching Bet Plus on your iPhone. But what if you want to cancel your subscription? That's how it's done:

First, open the Settings app on your iPhone. Then scroll down and tap iTunes & App Store. Then tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.

After that tap View Apple ID. You may be asked to enter your password at this point. Once in your account settings, scroll down and find the Subscriptions option.

Tap on it and you will see all currently active subscriptions. Find Bet Plus in the list and tap on it. On the next screen, you will see the option to cancel your subscription.

Tap Cancel Subscription and confirm that you want to cancel. That is all! Your Bet Plus subscription will be canceled and you will be able to enjoy your favorite shows without having to pay for them every month.

How to cancel Bet Plus free trial

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If you're like many people, you're probably interested in trying Bet Plus, BET's new streaming service. And why not? It has a ton of great content, including original shows, movies, and more.

The only problem is that it costs $9.99 a month, not exactly cheap. But there is a way around this: by signing up for the free trial. Yes, Bet Plus offers a 7-day free trial, which means you can watch as much content as you like for a week without spending a dime.

However, after that week your credit card will be automatically charged unless you cancel before that date. And believe me, canceling your Bet Plus subscription is not as easy as it should be. It actually took me a few minutes of googling to finally find the opt-out page (hint: it's buried in the Help section).

So if you're thinking of signing up to Bet Plus but don't want to be locked into a monthly bill, here's how to cancel your free trial: First, go to and register with your account information. Then click on the "My Account" tab at the top of the page.

Next to Subscription, click Manage. On the next page, scroll down to "Unsubscribe" and click on this link. Finally, confirm that you want to cancel and enter your password one last time.

That is all! You have successfully canceled your Bet Plus subscription and will not be charged again in the future.

How to cancel Bet Plus on an Android phone

It's easy to cancel Bet Plus on your Android phone. Here's how: 1. Open the Bet Plus app.

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2. Tap the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen (three horizontal lines).3. Tap "Settings".4. Scroll down and tap Cancel Subscription.

bet + customer service

Bet+ is an online betting platform offering a variety of casino games, sports betting and horse racing. The company is based in Malta and was founded in 2001. Bet+ is licensed by the Malta Gambling Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

The company operates under the name "GVC Holdings". The Bet+ customer support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can contact them via live chat, email or phone.

Customer service representatives are knowledgeable and friendly and will do their best to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. If you need help with anything related to Bet+, please don't hesitate to contact customer service. They are always happy to help!

Bet Plus-Login

If you want to sign up for Bet Plus there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, you must have a Bet Plus account to register. If you don't have an account, you can create one by visiting the website.

After creating an account, you can login by entering your username and password in the appropriate fields on the Bet Plus login page. If you forget your password, Bet Plus has created a process for you to reset it. To do so, just click on the "Forgot your password?" button. Link on the login page and follow the instructions.

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After resetting your password, you can log in and access your account information. Bet Plus is a great online betting site that offers a variety of different betting options. If you are looking for a place to bet on sports, this is definitely a site worth visiting!

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How do I cancel my Bet+ Plus subscription?

If you wish to cancel your BET+ Plus subscription, there are several ways to do so. You can cancel online through your account page or by contacting customer service. If you subscribed to BET+ Plus through an app store like iTunes or Google Play, you will also need to cancel your subscription there.

Here is a step by step guide on how to cancel your BET+ Plus subscription:1. Log in to your account page on the BET+ website.2. Click on the "My Account" link at the top of the page.

3. Scroll down to the "Billing" section and click "Cancel Subscription".4. Confirm that you want to cancel by clicking "Yes, cancel my subscription".5. Your subscription will be canceled and you will not be charged again in the future.

Alternatively, if you need help canceling or have questions about your account, please contact Customer Service at 1-888-610-8812, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. m. at 5:00 p.m. EST, or send us an email[Email protected].

How do I get a Bet Plus refund?

If you want to get a Bet Plus refund, you need to follow a few steps. First of all, you need to contact customer support and describe your situation. They can help you without demanding a refund.

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If they can't help you, they will likely give you a refund form to fill out. After completing the form, send it along with the supporting documents. They will process your refund and return the money to your original payment method.

Is Bet Plus a subscription?

No, Bet plus is not a subscription. It is an online betting site where you can place bets on various sporting events.

How long does the Bet Plus free trial last?

If you're interested in trying out BET+, BET's new streaming service, you might be wondering how long the free trial lasts. Here's what you need to know. The BET+ free trial lasts 7 days.

This means you can subscribe and watch all the great content on offer for a full week before paying for the service. After the free trial ends, Bet+ costs $9.99 per month. But if you're not sure if it's right for you, there's no obligation: you can cancel at any time and you won't be charged anymore.

So why not try it? There's lots of great content to enjoy, including original shows like Carl Weber's Bigger and The Family Business. With a free trial, there's nothing stopping you from giving it a try!


If you wish to cancel your Bet Plus account, please follow the steps below. First, open the app and go to the settings menu. From there, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Cancel Account".

Confirm your cancellation by entering your password and Bet Plus will be cancelled.

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How to cancel BetPlus


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